Home Automation

We can set up your house or cottage to have complete automated control of lighting, shading, climate control, door locks, surveillance systems, home theatres and more all from the convenience of your touch panel, phone, tablet or voice. We will work with you to create scenes to come up with the ultimate combinations. The only limitation is ones imagination……..

Distributed Audio/Video

Multi-zone distributed audio and video are the wave of the future for all your music and watching needs at home. Audio can be distributed into every room or zone in your house by a simple touch of a keypad, remote or touch screen. Everyone in the home can enjoy what they want independently from one another.

Home Theatre

With today’s technology, we can bring the movie experience right to your home. Offering the latest 8K and 4K video options with the ultimate in audio and combined with your favorite steaming services, everything is at your fingertips to get the true cinema experience at home.

Lighting Control

An intelligent lighting control system can quickly set the mood for any occasion, whether dining, entertaining, or watching a movie. The ultimate in convenience, push a single “all off” or “goodnight” button to turn everything off at the end of the night. We design wireless solutions that work in any home. For new homes, centralized lighting control systems eliminate wall clutter from large banks of light switches and replaces them with a single, easy to use, color matched keypad. Each lighting control system can be personalized to your needs. Whether you desire the security of never walking into a dark home again or are an energy conscious family that wants to reduce your consumption, lighting control is a must for any modern home.

Motorized Shades

Motorized window coverings can effectively capture the personal essence of any room in your home. They help take charge of natural lighting, changing bright light into pleasantly muted light or even darkening rooms or areas for a comfy afternoon nap or an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Motorized window shades also help to maintain privacy, highlight the beauty of your outdoor vistas, provide shelter from the sun's heat, and protect furniture and artwork from fading. With a gentle tap of your fingertip, you can use your touch screen, tablet or smart phone to lower and raise the shades in any room of your home at any time of the day.  Or better yet, have them programmed to do it automatically.

Video Surveillance

Modern video surveillance systems bring safety and security to any home, giving you forensic-quality HD video, continual recording, and remote access from your mobile device. Check on your house while relaxing on the beach, or make sure the kids arrived home safely when you get stuck working late at the office. A whole-home video solution comprised of high-resolution cameras and networked digital recorders brings you peace of mind, and options like motion-detection, night vision, infrared imaging, and facial recognition help you create a custom security system perfect for your family’s unique needs.

Structured Wiring

A proper structured pre-wire is one of the most important phases for all custom applications.  If a home is pre-wired properly you will be prepared for any future upgrades or changes.  Your final home system is only limited by how well it is pre-wired.

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Ten80 Custom is a home automation service and installation company ready to meet the very basic audio/video system set up to the more sophisticated and complex applications.